Discover How Kol HaLev Can Enrich Your Life 

Embark on a journey of personal growth and spiritual fulfillment with Kol HaLev, a vibrant and contemporary Jewish community that integrates intellectual exploration and mindful living into the fabric of everyday life. 

As part of the Reconstructing Judaism movement, Kol HaLev offers a welcoming space for individuals seeking a Judaism that is not only personally meaningful but also interwoven with their day-to-day experiences. 

Join a community of like-minded individuals at Kol HaLev, where you are empowered to actively participate in and shape your Jewish journey. Together, we explore boundaries, embrace diverse perspectives, and work towards creating a kinder, more just, and respectful world. 

At Kol HaLev, it's not about measuring your Jewishness, but rather discovering the unique ways in which Judaism enriches and enhances your life. Experience the true value of Kol HaLev by becoming a member or donor today, and let us help you unlock the profound potential of living a fully engaged Jewish life. 

Emily KHL Intro_short.mov

An Intro to KHL from Rabbi Emily

Weekly Services Friday Night and Saturday Morning

Friday Night 7pm Virtually (email us for zoom link)

Check our calendar for in-person Shabbat Unplugged Musical Shabbat

Saturday Morning 10am

You are invited to join us in-person at

 the Chapel at Holy Comforter Church in Lutherville

or email us for the zoom link

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130 W. Seminary Avenue, Lutherville, MD 21093