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Music and Poems for All


This is a collection of all Kol HaLev "Unplugged" recordings.

This Shabbat 

First Friday Shabbat 
The first Shabbat of the month is the time for our community to make sure we have a minyan for those saying Kaddish and to celebrate birthdays and other simchas as a community. Please join Rabbinic Fellow Jacke Schroeder for virtual Kabbalat Shabbat and candle lighting this Friday, February 3, at 7:00 p.m. where we will acknowledge yahrzeits and February birthdays. Click on the blue title above to attend virtually.
Join Cantor George, Rabbi Emily and Steven in the chapel or online this Shabbat, Saturday, February 4 at 10:00 a.m. for service, Torah and discussion. Cantor George will be chanting selections of quotes from Rabbi Avraham Joshua Heschel set to haftarah trope. Click on the blue title above to attend virtually.
Torah:  This Shabbat is Shabbat Shirah, the Shabbat of Song—and the Torah portion is Beshallach (Triennial Year 1, Exodus 13:17 – 15:26).  The Children of Israel escape across the Sea of Reeds from Pharaoh and his army, who drown when YHVH drives back the sea, and Moses and the Israelites sing a song (shirah)—well, two songs, really--praising YHVH (which is why this is Shabbat Shirah). Just imagine being part of this escape—after all, tradition says that each of us was there.  What thoughts would have been going through your minds? What would you and your family and friends have been talking about? And what emotions would you have experienced? Perhaps you’d feel like singing Cantor George’s Mi Chamocha?
Tu B’Shevat Seder 
Plan on staying after Shabbat service on Saturday February 4, where we will gather in the CHC Library  (formerly the KHL room).  Join Cantor George, Rabbi Emily and Steven in an exploration of tikkun olam through the senses. While the Talmudic understanding of Tu b’Shevat as the “New Year of the Trees” meant tithing to the Temple, post-Temple treatment of the day resulted in the development of a Seder that explores our connections to living. 
Our Mi Shebeirach/healing prayer list can be viewed by clicking on the blue text. If you would like to add someone to the list, or if there’s a name on the list that we can remove, please let Joann or Cantor George know. Please help us keep it up to date!

I Have a Dream--Haftarah

Beginners Hebrew Class 

Shira will resume teaching Beginners Hebrew on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. Join her to learn how to read The Holy Language and to explore some of the mystical meanings of these ancient letters. This class will be held every Thursday. (Free textbooks provided.) For more information contact Shira Kurrus. Click here to join virtually.

An Ageing Ritual - Postponed

Student Rabbi Emily has postponed this group that met on Tuesday mornings. Please contact Emily for more information.  

Tuesday Afternoon Torah

Join Rabbi Steven and Rabbi Jacke for our next afternoon Torah study, virtually Tuesday, January 31, at 4:30 p.m. Our study will be guided by the Reconstructionist view of Torah seeking to understand how looking at a "diary of the Jewish people" can help us to "become more fully human." This class meets every other week. Click here for future dates and class recordings. Click here to join us virtually.

Mordechai Kaplan Diaries

Did you know Mordechai Kaplan, founder of Reconstructionism, kept extensive diaries? Well, he did - 27 Volumes worth - spanning from 1913  to the 1970's. We will explore some of the major themes for which he is most famous. Topics include Judaism, The Divine, chosenness, and Israel. Join us for our next discussion on Monday, February 6, 7:30 p.m.  Click here to join us virtually. 

Intergenerational Sunday School

Kol HaLev is reconstructing Sunday School through an innovative intergenerational educational program called “Making it Real.”  We meet monthly to discuss, discover, and experience how engaging Jewish thought and practice can support your family in real and useful ways. Everyone is welcome, members and non-members! No registration required. 
Each monthly meeting will have a theme, an activity, and an opportunity to find alignment with your held values. We are certain that this format will be fun for the entire family, inclusive for participants of every age, including those who don’t have children living at home.  We celebrate interfaith families who want to explore how Judaism may inform and enrich their family time. 
Our next program will be held on Sunday, February 12, 10:00 a.m at Timonium United Methodist 2300 Pot Spring Rd, Timonium, 21093. 
Rabbi Emily and Steven will be providing experiences of connection.  The 15th day of the month of Shevat (Tu b’Shevat) is customarily recognized as the time when the sap in trees starts to rise.  It’s a perfect time to experience the ways that we are all connected in multiple ways and in multiple realms. Tu b’Shevat is the time to instantiate the Shema. We are meeting in the lower part of the church, park in the lot at the right end of the building (as you face the church) entrance is on the side that faces the parking lot.  

Niggun Circle 

Please join us for our next opportunity, Sunday, February 19, at 4:00 p.m. to sing and pray together using the wordless melody of NiggunWe will be holding these hour long sessions, in person in the KHL room at CHC. For more details contact Judy Gerb. 

Reparations Class

We will begin our commitment to reparations education with a casual discussion group lead by new KHL member, Brenna Gourgeot, on the fourth Sunday of every month. Through art, music, cinema, writings and documentaries, we will see American reparations in its fullest context. Join Brenna virtually for the next class on Sunday, February 26 at 5:00 p.m. by clicking here

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