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    Kol HaLev will help members to remember the yahrzeit dates (annual anniversary of the death) for their loved ones. In traditional observance of yahrzeit, a candle is lit at sunset on the Hebrew date of that death.   Members are also encouraged to come to KHL to say Kaddish with the community (with a minyan) on the first Friday Kabbalat Shabbat service of the month in which the yahrzeit will be observed.

     KHL will keep track of the names of your loved ones, and we will translate the English calendar dates into the Hebrew calendar equivalent for the year of death. This information will be private and shared with no one; only you, and your spouse if designated, will receive the notification.

     Please email ( the following information for each significant family member you wish to remember; there is no form:

Name (English and Hebrew, if known);
Relationship to you;
Date of death (English and/or Hebrew calendar) including the year.
Did the death occur after sundown? (Sundown affects the date of observance, so your response to this last question is important but if you do not know please leave blank and we will assume it is before sundown).

At the beginning of each month, before the yahrzeit, you will receive a letter in the mail from KHL reminding you of the correct dates for the yahrzeit in that year and of the custom of giving tzedakah upon the yahrzeit of a loved one. Giving tzedakah makes memory tangible; it transforms grief and loss into healing and justice.



Wed, February 8 2023 17 Shevat 5783