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Weekly Services

Offering a mix of prayer, song, meditation and learning, Kol HaLev’s diverse array of Shabbat services provide regular opportunities for us to actively engage together in the ritual of Shabbat and create a greater connection with our community and ourselves.


FIRST OF THE MONTH KABBALAT SHABBAT First Friday 7:00 pm (with light oneg) and First Saturday Minyans 10:00 am of each month.
The "Receiving of Shabbat," is a service designed to welcome the Sabbath “bride/queen” with song and joy (and affection and intimacy), followed by blessings and an oneg (“delight,” usually light refreshments and desserts). All are invited to come for the acknowledgment of both joyous and sad occurrence (saying Kaddish for recent deaths and yahrzeits) and celebrating simchas (joys, such as new babies, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, accomplishments, etc.) as a community.
MINDFUL MINYAN – Second Saturday morning of each month
10:00 am
Our Mindful Minyan is a more contemplative and meditative Shabbat morning gathering. “Mindfulness” is often understood as “awareness of the present experience without judgment,” and we use a variety of modalities (e.g., breath work, meditation, chanting and poetry) to help us enter into and extract new meaning and insight from prayers and Jewish practices while integrating our hearts and intellects.
SHABBAT MORNING SERVICES Third and fourth Saturday mornings of each month 10:00 am
Kol HaLev’s traditional worship services adhere to a prescribed order and content, including something from Birchot hashachar, Pesukey d’zimra, Shacharit, Torah (sorry, no Musaf). We often pause and linger on something for comments and understandings. Torah service always entails learning and discussion.
Please join us every 4th Friday at 7:00 pm for “Shabbat Unplugged" featuring our own KHL musicians playing multiple instruments, leading us in song with melodies, new and old, some written by the Israeli group, Nava Tehila & some by our own Cantor George. You don’t want to miss this - so come experience this Shabbat Unplugged service.
KHL is excited to begin offering the occasional Shabbat morning in member homes in Baltimore City proper this year to better suit our in-the-city members and encourage others into the city. They will be 10:00 a.m. on every 5th Saturday during 2018-2019This is in place of the regularly scheduled Shabbat at KHL. Everyone is encouraged to join us for our Baltimore City Shabbat mornings. Check the home page or calendar of this website for an exceptions and location details. If anyone is interested in opening their homes to host these Shabbat please contact Dan Richman. 






Thu, May 28 2020 5 Sivan 5780