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Social Justice - Warrant Forgiveness Project

 Social Justice Discussion with other faith-based and activist groups

The time has come for us to express ourselves -- our values and our sense of human and spiritual connection and purpose -- in more social justice and tikkun olam activities.  Many of us wish to, in the words of the prophet Jeremiah, "work for the welfare of the city in which you live," and we'd like to become more active and involved.

     While there are many opportunities for volunteering, for one-shot or routine activities that ameliorate suffering, there is also the need for sustained efforts for significant structural change.  We have identified an important yet discrete issue and campaign within the city's pretrial justice system that will undoubtedly provide a lens for us to investigate and learn more about the larger context and causes of racial and class inequities we so often overlook for needed treatment. And we can form partnerships and alliances within the African-American community that will help us accomplish tangible steps toward a more just and caring city. KHL has joined with the Rev. Dr. Todd Yeary, Senior Pastor of Douglas Memorial Community Church (Madison Avenue in Baltimore) to discuss ways that KHL as a community can learn more, care more, and do more about social justice in our city.

     As we learn from KHL founding member Doug Colbert and his students at UM's Carey School of Law, one single and seemingly doable reform issue that affects people's freedom before trial calls for our attention and efforts. Maryland law students and Baltimore's faith-based communities have proposed a "Warrant Forgiveness" program. Come hear more about this program, join in on this discussion and learn what KHL as a community can do.

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Thu, September 20 2018 11 Tishrei 5779