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Top 10 Reasons You have a Place Here

  1. We welcome all people who are interested in a meaningful life inspired by Jewish traditions.
  2. Our rabbinic leader serves us individually and personally by accompanying us through our lives and helping to sanctify special moments and events. 
  3. Our purpose is to promote and support each other’s growth as Jews and as human beings, furthering the cause of social justice and world repair. 
  4. We promote an open synagogue community that is a place of invitation and connection, learning and enrichment, celebration and uplift, inspiration and guidance, comfort and solace. 
  5. We are a diverse group of Jewish and Interfaith Families joined together as one community.
  6. We encourage active participation in all of our services and events creating a vibrancy that comes from different visions, understandings, and interests.  
  7. We explore how traditional Jewish values can be integrated with our modern lives, and we engage thoughtfully in the moral issues and challenges of our times.
  8. We apply Jewish values and wisdom to various dimensions of contemporary life, including considerations of the ethical, spiritual, political and practical.
  9. Our communal programming is founded on the Shabbat rhythm of “Jewish time,” when we gather for prayer services and singing, study, children’s activities, cultural events, meals, social connection, guest speakers and conversations.
  10. We offer a variety of services and events that appeal to broad audiences seeking different ways to experience Judaism within a Jewish community.
Thu, September 20 2018 11 Tishrei 5779