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Sfirat ha'omer

From the evening of the Second Seder until Shavuot is 7 full weeks.  The 7 weeks between freedom and revelation is the period of counting the omer (sfirat ha'omer).  Even as this was an important period of preparation for the original receivers of revelation, so too is it an important period for us.  This is a time of reflection, self-examination, improvement, and repair.  These 7 full weeks can be really full of our effort to make this world a better place.
The technology of counting the omer is a significant tool in our effort at betterment / repair.  Each day of the 7 weeks (49 days) represents a different attribute that we can enliven for ourselves and for the world.
Join Cantor George and Steven Silvern as we journey from enslavement to revelation.  Each night at 8:00 p.m. from March 28 through May 16 we will virtually gather (click on the link) to count the omer.
The chart below is an illustration of the kabbalistic counting of the omer.  The first column is the name of the week.  So the first week is the week of Chesed - loving kindness.  The first day of the week is the Chesed of Chesed we'll discuss what that might mean when we count each day.  The second week is the week of Gevurah - boundaries / might, so the first day of that week is the Chesed of Gevurah.  Here is a translation for the remaining weeks: Tiferet - beauty; Netzach - persistence / victory; Hod - splendor; Yesod - creativeness/ generativity; Malchut - kingdom (literally)/groundedness.  Each of the combinations will be a source of our revelation for each day of the counting.
1 Chesed
2 Gevurah
3 Tiferet
4 Netzach
5 Hod
6 Yesod
7 Malchut
8 Chesed
9 Gevurah
10 Tiferet
11 Netzach
12 Hod
13 Yesod
14 Malchut
15 Chesed
16 Gevurah
17 Tiferet
18 Netzach
19 Hod
20 Yesod
21 Malchut
22 Chesed
23 Gevurah
24 Tiferet
25 Netzach
26 Hod
27 Yesod
28 Malchut
29 Chesed
30 Gevurah
31 Tiferet
32 Netzach
33 Hod
34 Yesod
35 Malchut
36 Chesed
37 Gevurah
38 Tiferet
39 Netzach
40 Hod
41 Yesod
42 Malchut
43 Chesed
44 Gevurah
45 Tiferet
46 Netzach
47 Hod
48 Yesod
49 Malchut
For those of you wanting a text for the counting of the omer, you can download that by clicking on this link.
Tue, April 13 2021 1 Iyyar 5781