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Rosh Chodesh Group

This women's Rosh Chodesh group will gather to learn from each other, to learn more about each other, and to better understand the women within our tradition.
 For the women of KHL and our friends, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, cousins and nieces--a chance to learn and celebrate the women on whose shoulders we stand, including the women of the Exodus story, who are critical to the story. This year we have someone to lead us in song (Emily), and maybe someone will volunteer to lead us in dance too.  Please send in your suggestions for reading and sharing as we continue to evolve our Women's Seder. 
Rosh Chodesh, meaning "the head of the month", is our way of marking the new moon...gathering as we celebrate what can be. We have a great gathering over the next few months.  Please come and bring your friends!
Contact Paula Kurrus 410-683-3144 or Ricki Henschel with questions (click on their name to email them).

The Book of Ruth discussion coordinated by Jacke will be postponed until the summer. Though there were many who were part of the Jewish people though not born into it (e.g., the wife of Moses who was the daughter of a Priest), Ruth is the story of one whom not only verbally but through action becomes one with Judaism—and through her lineage we get King David. What wisdom can we gain from this story?  All women of KHL are welcome to join us for this discussion! 
Wed, April 25 2018 10 Iyyar 5778