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Adult Ed - “Practical Theology”

New Adult Ed Class: “Practical Theology” 
Intriguing title, right? The implication, intended, is that there is a relationship between behaviors and choices in our actual, lived lives (the “practical”) and the way we think the cosmos operates (the “theology”). Such an alignment is what constitutes meaningful living, our overarching objective.

Since our (my) emphasis is usually on Belonging, Behaving and Becoming, let's take some time to ask, "What about Believing?  What do I (meaning you) actually believe?  How does one's beliefs influence or direct one's behaviors, and what do one's behaviors say about his/her beliefs?" 

It is an open question as to whether our choices and actions follow from an articulated belief system, i.e., a world view “applied” in specific actions, or whether our various choices, decisions and behaviors — answers to fundamental questions we face every day — help create, shape and reveal a theology, a “mythic structure,” a value system that constitutes God and holiness in the world or how we think the cosmos operates. 

Rabbi Geoff and Rabbi Steve Silvern will help guide an exploration of various approaches to life and the idea(s) of God, presenting different lenses through which we see the cosmos and our daily decisions. It is an opportunity to learn together about our knowing and seeking and doing, or doing and seeking and knowing. We are interested in the stuff of lived life and how we live meaningfully — what and how we eat, earning and spending money, relationships, ethical action — finding our way through and out of the proverbial “woods.” Classes begin October 3 but you are 
invited to join the learning and discussion on any Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. in the KHL room. 
Thu, February 21 2019 16 Adar I 5779