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New Membership

Become a New Member

Greetings! We would love for you to become a member of Kol HaLev.  You have two options to do so:

1) Use this form to become a member on-line using a credit card.

2) To become a member by mail, you will need to print a membership form and send a check. CLICK HERE for the membership form; either download it and print, or print directly from your browser.  Fill out the form and send it along with a check to:

  Kol HaLev Synagogue
6200 North Charles Street, Box 102
Baltimore, MD 21212

Important Information for New Members about Dues and Donations

Thank you again for your interest in joining our KHL community.  We have two levels of dues:

1) Family membership- $1500 ($1545 credit card) - includes dependent children.  Family members receive discounted tuition for Beit Lev.  New members who are 62 years of age or older have the option of paying reduced dues.

2) Individual membership- $950 ($979 credit card).  New members who are 62 years of age or older have the option of paying the reduced dues.

We at Kol HaLev believe that dues should never become a barrier to community membership.  Therefore, if your family wishes to discuss the appropriate level of dues, or alternative payment plans, please contact KHL President, Bernard Guyer at 410-366-2760, for a confidential discussion.  Again, welcome to KHL membership.

Additional donations

Some KHL members choose to make additional donations along with their dues payments to assure that KHL can continue to offer a full program of services to the community and to provide discounted dues to those who would be burdened by full dues. 

Special purpose donations include:

-Rabbi’s discretionary fund
-Beit Lev School fund
-Kiddush, luncheon and oneg Shabbat fund
-Endowment funds for the future
-Annual appeal
-Donations in honor of special people and events, like B’nai mitzvahs

These special purpose donations can be discussed with Rabbi Basik or Bernard Guyer.

Thu, June 22 2017 28 Sivan 5777