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Greetings! We would love for you to become a member of Kol HaLev. 

Fill out the form below to become a member of Kol HaLev. When this form is submitted, the KHL Treasurer will bill you for the amount of membership dues and contributions you selected. 

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Important Information for New Members about Dues and Donations

Thank you again for your interest in joining our KHL community.  We have two levels of dues:

1) Family membership- $1575 - includes dependent children.  Family members receive discounted tuition when enrolling in the KHL Sunday School.  

2) Individual membership- $800.  

We at Kol HaLev believe that dues should never become a barrier to community membership.  Therefore, if your family wishes to discuss the appropriate level of dues, or alternative payment plans, please contact KHL Treasurer, Laura ReamesAgain, welcome to KHL!

Additional donations

Some KHL members choose to make additional donations along with their dues payments to assure that KHL can continue to offer a full program of services to the community and to provide discounted dues to those who would be burdened by full dues. 

Special purpose donations include:

-Rabbi’s discretionary fund
-KHL Sunday School fund
-Kiddush, luncheon and oneg Shabbat fund
-Endowment funds for the future
-Annual appeal
-Donations in honor of special people and events, like B’nai mitzvahs


Welcome to Kol HaLev!
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We are an active, growing community of involved members. Our hope is that you want to get involved and find ways to connect with new friends. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about the following activities:
Membership and Financial Support
A note about Membership and the KHL budget:
Over 80% of our budget goes directly to modestly support our rabbi and cantor and pay our rent. We rely on the generous in-kind support and engagement of you, our members. Please know that your active and enthusiastic involvement is exactly what makes KHL such a vibrant and caring community. Thank you again.
Because we are a small community, your prompt payment of membership dues at the start of the fiscal year (July) is greatly appreciated. As such, please expect gentle reminders of payment from the Treasurer.
The charges you identified above will be applied to your account. To pay in full or to pay in installments, please log in to edit your personal account.   
After the form is completed, please remember to click the
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