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Literature at Lunch

Reality vs. fiction. Orthodox vs. secular.  Israel and the Diaspora. Jerusalem vs. Tel Aviv.  Parenthood vs. childlessness.   Familial expectations vs. independence.  Love vs. possession.  These are some of the dichotomies and choices that the venerable Israeli author A.B. Yehoshua explores in his novel, "The Extra".  Born and raised in Israel, divorced from her husband, Noga now lives in Amsterdam where she plays her beloved harp with an orchestra.   She is summoned back to Israel to participate in a family "experiment" for 3 months, while earning a modest income as a film extra.  Moving in and out of diverse roles, Noga finds herself in diverse, surreal and often humorous situations.  At the same time she is forced to deal with her complex relationships with her parents, brother and ex-husband.  Join Gail Lipsitz, Mary Dagold, and Rabbi Basik, on Saturday, October 28 at noon for a light lunch and discussion as we follow Noga's journey to figure out who she really is.  Please read the book before our meeting. ("The Extra," translated by Stuart Schoffman, Houghton Mifflin, 2014, paperback, 249 pages)
Our dates are set, so mark your calendars and plan on joining us! 
October 28,  December 9, March 10, and May 19.  Details on the literature to be discussed will be posted prior to each meeting. 
Thu, October 19 2017 29 Tishrei 5778