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Literature at Lunch 

Literature at Lunch with Gail Lipsitz will meet at noon to 2:00 p.m. on the following dates: 
 December 15, March 16 and May 18. 
In July 2018, a Gallup poll found that "Immigration Surged to the Top" of the list of what Americans identified as the most important problems facing our nation.  Not surprising.  Dominating political discussions and featured daily in the news, immigration has become a most troubling and controversial issue, prompting soul-searching and discussions about the essence of America.
For our session on December 15,  "Ascending" and "Descending," we will look at short stories describing diverse experiences of Americans who make "aliyah" to Israel, and of Israelis who move to North America:
            "A State of Emergency" by Nikki Stiller
            "Invisible" by Ayelet Tsabari
            "The Best Place on Earth" by Ayelet Tsabari
            "Descent" by Danit Brown
We recommend that you read the stories before our meetings so that we can enjoy lively discussions in which all participate.  Click on each title to read online or copies of the materials are available in the Kol HaLev room.
Sat, January 19 2019 13 Shevat 5779