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Tisha b'Av

The "Annual Cycle"
The Jewish calendar -- our schedule of holidays, fasts and feasts, commemorations and celebrations -- can be seen as a tour of human experience and consciousness.  I mean, it is a schedule that provides touch points, or stepping stones, as we encounter and explore what it means to be human, our psyches and our spirits as well as our connections to the world.  It is a grand tour of values and wisdom, joys and sorrows, failures and fears and successes...the whole gamut of life.  Some touch points have specific historical references that are transformed into universal and lasting reflections on the human condition.  Passover.  Chanukah.  Sukkot.

This month -- July 21 -- we land again on Tisha b'Av, the ninth day of this summer month.  It is an opportunity to begin reflecting on the brokenness, disintegration and "disconnect" that we then address and rectify during the coming High Holy Days (Days of Awe).  

I want to encourage everyone to give yourselves over to the annual cycle, at least to acknowledge each of the milestones along the way.  I believe there is a cumulative effect, and touching each "stepping stone," even for an hour, even lightly in your awareness, allows for a richer and more complete experience of the whole path.

Please join us on the evening of July 21 at 9:00 p.m. (as it gets dark) for a lament -- an acknowledgment of grief, sorrow, even mourning, for our life (both personal and communal) and world that needs repair (tikkun), wholeness (shalom), and at-one-ment
Sat, January 19 2019 13 Shevat 5779