"Coming of age" is a big deal for families and teens. If navigated skillfully and consciously, this time can be meaningful and wholesome for all involved. It is a time of identity formation, values clarification, reflection on big questions, and understanding one's place in the Jewish story.

Kol HaLev is committed to celebrating each family. Student Rabbi Emily Stern and Cantor George Henshel, help each family craft a meaningful, celebratory B'Mitzvah service by honoring students' skills. And, this lifecycle event is much bigger than that. Families will also participate in our Intergenerational program that meets once a month. There, we learn and discuss the way our values as families intersect with Jewish practice. Additionally, we have a quarterly pizza party for all B'Mitzvah students and families to get to know each other and discuss what they are facing at this time in their family’s development.

Teen Program and B'mitzvah Segment.mov