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Literature at Lunch

Saturday, March 24, 2018 • 8 Nisan 5778

12:00 PM - 2:00 PMKHL Room
Join us Saturday, March 24 at noon for a pre-Passover program to discuss with Gail Lipsitz  "Hard Hearts and Hubris: Pharaoh and Macbeth"
The Exodus story tells us that Pharaohs' heart was hardened, either by himself or by God, 20 times. Pharaohs' repeated refusals to let the Israelites go are direct challenges to God's power. Even after 10 horrible plagues, culminating in the Exodus, Pharaoh regrets his decision and pursues the liberated slaves to the Red Sea.
Shakespeare's Macbeth is another tyrant whose psychological journey and hardened heart are similar to Pharaohs'. It is fascinating to compare these two rulers as both are brought down by hubris, or the "arrogance of power."  
What can we learn from Pharaoh and Macbeth about the psychological and emotional process of hardening one's heart? What are the consequences for that individual and for others?  We will compare key quotes from the play and from the Biblical Exodus story. A short synopsis of "Macbeth" is provided by clicking on the title and hard copies are available in the KHL room, for your review before meeting. 
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Sat, December 15 2018 7 Tevet 5779