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KHL Sunday School

An Educational Experience for Children
in Pre-Kindergarten through 6th Grade
2300 Pot Spring Rd, Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093
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For questions about the School Program, curriculum, and schedule, contact Co-president Carin Galupo.


Our Mission: This is an inclusive religious school dedicated to developing Jewish identity and supporting a Jewish community
for children and their families in the Greater Baltimore area.
     Kol HaLev's Sunday School is an educational program serving children entering Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade. Kol HaLev also offers a B'nai Mitzvah program for 7th graders with classes and individual preparations. We have created a more open, non-assumptive environment with a progressive Jewish educational experience for our children...and their parents.
     Our focus is on providing students and their families with an understanding of and sense of belonging to the Jewish culture. Following Reconstructionist practices, we aim to develop an identity with Judaism through a progressive approach that emphasizes community, spirituality and culture. Parents, professional educators, and our Rabbi worked together to create developmentally appropriate curriculum for children and their families. Our programming is playful, engaging and thought provoking.
     Our student population is divided into 4 classes. 
  • Alef (PreK and K): This class provides a tactile and concrete introduction to Jewish life, including the foods and symbols of the holidays, introductions to the “main players” in the Torah, and Jewish values such as kindness and repairing the world.
  • Bet (Grades 1 and 2): This class allows our students to delve more deeply into the traditions of the holidays, learn more about Torah and prayer, and develop a deeper understanding of Jewish values. Click on the red class title to view the syllabus for this class. 
  • Gimmel (Grades 3 and 4): In this class, our students begin to expand their understandings of the holidays beyond stories and traditions. They learn more about the Torah portions and other, lesser known, Biblical figures. Click on the red class title to view the syllabus for this class. 
  • Daled (Grades 5 and 6): The Daled class is the beginning of more formal B’nai Mitzvah preparation. Students develop a more mature understanding of Jewish values and learn more about Jewish history beyond the times of the Torah. Click on the red class title to view the syllabus for this class. 
  • Kol HaLev is committed to helping each family craft a meaningful, purposeful Bar or Bat Mitzvah. For more information on our separate B'nai Mitzvah program for 7th graders click here. To view this year's syllabus for the B'nai Mitzvah class click here.
     Our intentionally designed two-year spiraled curriculum ensures that students have a varied learning experience each year they are enrolled in Sunday School, all the while building a solid foundation for living a meaningful Jewish life. During the instructional school year there are opportunities for Tikkun Olam and community activities integrated throughout. We also encourage families to participate in Shabbat services at Kol HaLev.
     Sunday School meets two Sundays a month, click here to see those dates. 
To view tuition rates click here.    
For questions about the School Program, curriculum, and schedule, contact Co-president Carin Galupo.
Wed, September 22 2021 16 Tishrei 5782