Social Action

Social action is a critical component of the KHL community.  We are affiliated with Jews United for Justice and contribute to their Community Roundtable.  An important component is volunteering to speak out for justice in Baltimore and Maryland.  As an affiliate of Reconstructing Judaism we voted to support the RJ resolution to engage in the conversation around reparations.  We have been meeting the 4th Sunday of each month at 5pm to to study reparations and have invited other communities to join us in these discussions.  We participate with the Institute for Islamic, Christian and Judaic Studies.  Rabbi Emily has been a fellow in their new clergy program, and we have 3 fellows in the 2023 Congregational Leadership program.  Additionally we engage in cooperative social ministry with our "campus-mates" Well for the Journey and Church of the Holy Comforter.

The heads of the Social Justice Committee are Claudia Balog, Maia Meeron, and Doug Colbert. Claudia Balog and Ricki Henschel represent Kol HaLev at the Jews United for Justice Community Roundtable. 

Rick Reiches represents Kol Halev on environmental issues, focusing on the climate change crisis and environmental justice issues, particularly connecting with Jewish environmental organizations such as Dayenu and Adamah. Anyone else interested in these issues is invited to contact Rick at this email address.

Social Justice